Friday, October 15, 2010

What Next?

Hi Everyone! (Wonder if anyone still reads this blog)

This is my first post after a long hiatus from blogging.

Its been four months since my Last major exam. I decided to take a very long break since the exam was very demanding and I had to make up for 'other parts of my life' that suffered while trying to obtain my second CCIE.

Now, Its time to answer the million dollar question: WHAT NEXT?

At 21, with 2 CCIEs, I have just completed my year of 'compulsory' service to my country (finally), and its time to make a major career decision.

1. Pursue an academic (technical) degree: A Masters in Engineering or some related course looks appealing (the perfect icing on the cake for the Bachelors) but just doesn't seem to fit in the grand career plan at the moment. I do not see the relative advantage that a masters degree would offer me at the moment, so I'll pass.

2. Pursue an MBA: A masters in Business Administration might expose me to the right business knowledge that would complement my technical skills but I dont think this is the right time for an MBA, I'm a techie at heart and I still love what I do. Maybe in the next 2 years but definitely not now.

3. More CCIEs: I have been toying with the idea of taking another CCIE in SP or Voice. The challenge and the knowledge that comes with the CCIE study process is just too much fun to ignore. But if I have to do any more CCIEs, I need to have the experience to back it up, so I would wait for a few months before I launch out.

4. CCDE: The CCDE exam intrigues me because of it acclaimed difficulty, some part of me wants to study for the exam while the other part is certain that the exam is not meant for mere mortals like me. After looking at Petr Lapukhov's recommended list of materials, I have decided that I would pass. That would take a few years to study :)

5. Nothing :)

Conclusion: I do not think I would be taking any milestone exams in the next few months. I would rather focus on getting enough experience and building my project profile. This might involve changing job-roles, changing organizations or even location as long as the goal is accomplished.

Please feel free to drop your comments, I actually need them :)

Hope to post some more (non-techie) stuff soon.

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