Thursday, November 20, 2014

Deep Diving on Internet Architechture, Traffic Engineering and Peerings

Hey Everyone,

I think I stumbled on the internet sometime in the year 2000 and I have been trying to figure it out ever since. Since my day job is quite dependent on the internet (more than I like to admit or acknowledge), I have learned to love the internet and the mysteries that come along with it.

In the last month or so, I attempted writing a series of posts on the intenseschool site to explain how the internet works from a super high level networking perspective. The first two articles in that series have been posted now. You can find them here: and here:

If you have a moment, please head over to the intesnse school site and have a look at the articles. And while you are at it, please click the FB like button too. Finally, if you are looking to take some classes for a certification. Be sure to ckeck out the intense school's CCNA classes.