Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Favorite RFC

I have had to review several RFCs in the course of preparing for the security CCIE. Common ones include RFC 1918, 2827, 3704 and 3330 which are on the test. Other Fun RFCs include 2385, 3715, 3945 and 3947.
Today, I stumbled on what I would call my favorite RFC 1882 - 12 Days of technology before Christmas. This is a classic geeky joke. :D


Cheers, Amplebrain

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ups and Downs

Hi All,
I have been extremely busy with work and studies. I hardly find time to prepare a technical post.
I salute everyone who had their CCIE while working on a full-time job (well, almost everyone did :-)
Sometimes, I feel ready, sometimes, like today, I just don't know. I definitely still have some work to do. In any case, I strongly feel that I'ld be ready for the beast if I can maximize the remaining 7weeks.

Nuff said, Time to get back to studying? Where are my routes :-)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hardcore Studying

Hi All,
Happy Easter Celebrations to everyone.
I have been extremely busy these past few weeks and I hardly have anytime to create a detailed post. Merging work with studies hasn't been as easy as I thought :(

I am trying to see if i can put in approx 40hrs a week till my security lab in June...That should average to about 320 - 350 hrs of study before the security lab day. Currently using INE materials with gradedlabs rackrental. The Equipments are a little old though. Ild like to try out the proctorlabs if I can fit it into the budget.

I noticed that when connecting to the Workstations remotely either using VNC or Remote desktop;

1. Do not change the Adapter settings for the external interface.
2. Do not set another default gateway for the Lab interface as multiple default gateways confuse the Windows operating system.
3. Watch out for split tunnels when using EZVPN... You can lose your connection if you don't specify the split tunnel as the TestPC would attempt to route all INTERNET traffic through the EZVPN Tunnel.

Have fun studying...