Thursday, June 17, 2010

It is done...Security Lab Passed!

Hi All,
I passed the security lab yesterday in Lagos (mobile lab) on my first attempt.
Thanks to everyone that was a part of this journey.
1. God: For grace, strength, courage, provision and favour.
2. Family: For all the support. Thanks a million.
3. Friends: You guys are the best. It's not easy to have so many friends when all you do is sit and stare at a screen all day.
4. Study Partners: (Tacack, Deolu, Peter) It was fun studying with you guys. Wishing Peter all the best as he takes the lab today!
5. Study groups: OSL totally rocks. Groupstudy, CLND and IEOC are also very helpful.
6. Everyone that wished me Luck :)

Study Materials
I used INE study materials (because I fell in love with them since my R&S) and they are very good. IPExpert also has some quality materials too. Yusuf's labs are also incredible and they show you what to look out for in the lab.

Once again, thanks for everything.
Amplebrain, CCIE R&S and Sec

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


In Real world,
1. We live in the 21st century

2. The legal adult age in most countries - Alcohol, rent-a-car etc.

In mathematics
3. A Fibonacci Number
4. A Triangular Number
5. A star number

6. An octagonal number

7. composite Number

8. A Harshad Number

9. A Motzkin number


10. Number of the perfection by excellence, 3 x 7, according to the Bible.

11. 21 chapters in the Gospel of St John

In Science/Networking :)

12. FTP port number

13. Atomic Number of Scandium

In entertainment & Sports:

14. Used to be a TV show

15. 21 points are required to win a game of badminton and tennis

16. A card game, also known as blackjack

17. Name of favorite movie :)

18. Number of spots on a cubical dice


19. Number of shots fired in a salute of Royalty

20. Number of demands sent to the Chinese by the Japanese in 1915

and finally.

21. That's how old I become today :)

Yep, Happy birthday to me!
Thanks to everyone who has made the day special so far.