Thursday, June 17, 2010

It is done...Security Lab Passed!

Hi All,
I passed the security lab yesterday in Lagos (mobile lab) on my first attempt.
Thanks to everyone that was a part of this journey.
1. God: For grace, strength, courage, provision and favour.
2. Family: For all the support. Thanks a million.
3. Friends: You guys are the best. It's not easy to have so many friends when all you do is sit and stare at a screen all day.
4. Study Partners: (Tacack, Deolu, Peter) It was fun studying with you guys. Wishing Peter all the best as he takes the lab today!
5. Study groups: OSL totally rocks. Groupstudy, CLND and IEOC are also very helpful.
6. Everyone that wished me Luck :)

Study Materials
I used INE study materials (because I fell in love with them since my R&S) and they are very good. IPExpert also has some quality materials too. Yusuf's labs are also incredible and they show you what to look out for in the lab.

Once again, thanks for everything.
Amplebrain, CCIE R&S and Sec


  1. Congrats bro! :)


  2. Congrats man, 2 CCIEs in 15 months! Guess Storage is next. All the best in your adventures. X.

  3. Na so.. I'm so happy for you! The Lord is your strength.

  4. Congrats!! The INE study materials are really great ones to have, can you send me the material you used to solve the issue?

  5. did u write the CCIEs in lagos?

  6. How come u didnt have to travel to dubai or any of the other countries to write the lab?