Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Year After...

Today makes it exactly one year since I became a Routing and Switching CCIE. I can't believe Its 365 days already. I can remeber my LAB day like it was yesterday.

Bruno was the Proctor. I walked into the lab feeling confident with my level of preparation but when I logged into my routers, they were all fully configured. I checked with Bruno (nice proctor) and he confirmed that it was their error - they failed to re-initialize the rack so the previous candidates configs were still on the rack. I had to wait for some minutes again. I lost all the composure I had.
By the time I was called in, I was a bag of nerves. I just stared at the screen and try to see if I could continue with my strategy. I just had to hope that there wasn't going to be any more mistakes that would cost me my lab. I wasn't ready to throw away 1750 dollars (I took the mobile lab).

The lab went well, OEQ were okay, The config section was good too. Finished on time, verified and identified some careless mistakes. Fixed them and verified again. I went home and waited till 1:30am and there was no mail from cisco. Fell asleep and woke at 4:30 am with an IM from my friend. He had passed. I logged in and there was it. PASS. I was so excited. Now i could focus on finishing school - I was in my final year in the University.

In the past year, a lot has changed. I have realized that a CCIE isn't by any means the pinnacle. It just gives you the opportunity to see farther. In the last year;

I graduated from the University,
I got a full time Job
I started this blog
I have learnt so much about so much.
I have been asked more questions than the previous 19years of my life before I became a CCIE

Looking back at the last year? Has it been worth it? YES...I wish I had a little more experience though but I am making up for that. :-)

Do I intend to take another CCIE? Yes: But the conditions are certainly different now - I am working (less time to study).

I hope that by the next 'anniversary', I'ld be a dual CCIE.

Right now, Its time to get back to studying.
Thanks for reading!

P.S: Cisco officially announced CRS-3 on my 'Anniversary'


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