Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cisco's New ASA 8.3(x)

The newly released ASA 8.3(x) software released by Cisco. Many new features have been added. Notable features include:
1. The Support of browser based VPN on Win7 and 64 but Windows
2. Overhaul of NAT config - static, global, NAT-config and alias commands have been retired.
3. Use of real (not NAT) addresses in the access-list configuration.

The new features can be found here.

I haven't tested the features yet so I dont have any personal opinion. I think I would have preferred that they left NAT the same way though :-).

The good news is that these 'features' would not appear on the Security lab for at least another six (6) months.

Have fun studying and working!

Cheers Amplebrain

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