Wednesday, May 26, 2010

7 wishes for 21

Its exactly 7 days to my 21st, and I am very excited. I am trying to make a wish list and I am finding it so hard (I'm just not used to making wishes :)
Anyway, here's my list - Just 7 items.

7. A smartphone: I'ld like a device that would keep me away from my laptop. I spend approximately 16hrs with *her* per day.

6. A PhotoAlbum: Yes, I intend to keep one :-)

5. A book - I can never omit this. Learning is what keeps me alive :) I'ld let you choose the kind of book :)

4. A transition ceremony: I personally consider 21 as the full transition to adulthood. I'ld like to celebrate this transition in a special way :)

3. A sincere opportunity to give back: All my life, I have experienced divine and human help in all my endeavors. I believe in paying-it-forward so I am looking for a *sincere* opportunity to give back in the little way I can.

2. A special gift in exactly 21days from now :)

1. A gift from the maker: Something special from the one who started me on this journey and has kept me for the past 2 decades.

That's it :-)


  1. Dont worry God will give you that special gift , i hope the gift is a gf that loves cisco just like you.

  2. Well Well...Happy Bday in Advance AmpleBrains!! I agree 21 is the official transition from 12 so I say lose the feeding bottle like NOW!!

    May your wishes come true and oh!! I hope you get to replace your best friend 'Hewlett packard" with a Her....I am starting a prayer session to that effect!!!

    Happy 21 Little Brother!! God`s Guidance on the Rough Journey of Adulthood!!!!

  3. Awww....the first blog I wld read on dis page (nt dt I read it often neways) that doesn't have cisco, routers, network and associated
    As for wishes, I know which one exactly to pray for..*wink* *wink*
    Happy bday in advance darling...may the good lord make all ur wishes cum tru..
    N.B: cnt tell a genie, dnt trust dnt smart asses
    For a smartphone they might gv u a, wen we all knw dts a lie...lwkmd
    Dnt get me started on d oda things they might replace ur wishes with....