Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Creating a Loopback Adapter on Windows 7

The Microsoft Loopback Adapter is a very useful tool for setting up networks with dynamips/gns3 when you need to connect the emulated network to the life system.
Instances include; setting up a terminal Server, connecting to a AAA server, using a VPN Client etc.

With Windows XP/Vista, creating a Loopback Adapter is Pretty Easy;

1. Go to control Panel
2. Click Add Hardware
3. Select Install Hardware from list,
4. Select Network Adapters
5. Select Microsoft as the Manufacturer
6. Select Microsoft loopback Adapter
7. Click Next and Install...
With Windows 7, there is a slight problem; "Add Hardware" is no longer in the Control Panel.
It is now a hidden feature that has to be run by an adminstrator from command prompt.

To get to the Add Hardware program;

1. Run command prompt as Administrator.
2. From command prompt, Run "hdwwiz.exe"

To install the Loopback Adapter, Follow steps 3 through 7 above.

Have fun studying.

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